Massive brown

If I had humungous spots like this person there’s no way I could go to a clinic. I would have picked and squoze the life out of it before I got to one.

These people must have excellent restraint for not touching them! I have no such control of myself if I get a spot I can’t help having a go and I don’t desist until it’s gone!!

Although I am a Caucasian North American, I believe that many things transcend our ethnicities.
As I watch your videos, I believe that I can sense your compassion toward your patients and I thank you for that.
I only wish that our countries could come to that conclusion with each other!

I appreciate the sanitary care taken here. The tech did use iodine and changed her gloves. I have come to accept that the wiping discharge on the gloves may be just a cultural thing. Well done

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